24th September, 2014

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23rd August, 2014



Amazing Entrance. Amazing pose.


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23rd August, 2014

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17th August, 2014


"I do it for me"

Oh really? You know, I do wonder how likely it would have been for you to have begun shaving off natural body hair if you hadn’t been informed from day one that natural hair on women is “gross” and that this was the beauty standard to aspire to.

The “I do it for me” choice-y feminism thing is bogus and please dear everything, apply critical thinking as to why it is we do the things we do.

A note that applies to at least a small population of “I do it for me” sayers. I’ve got sensory processing disorder and the sensation of leg hair against pants is intolerable. I shave my legs because my skin is already so sensitive that having body hair that adds to that sensitivity is a nightmare. I shave my underarms for exactly the same reason. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of women feel the same way!

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17th August, 2014

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